VicMill's Natural Humate fertilisers help balance and unite the soils biological and chemical properties, thus improving the physical structure of the soil.

Lawns and Gardens

Vicmill's range of slow release natural fertilisers delivers proportionate forms of carbonates, soluble citrates, sulphates and humates, prescribed to improve the structure and vitality of the soil, ultimately promoting Humic stimulation for microbial activity in the soil's biomass, with no chemical residual. These fertilisers are safe and effective throughout the whole garden.

The 'Lawns & Garden' range of Vicmill Humate fertilisers are chemically clean products based around naturally derived elements and minerals formulated to activate and stimulate the many biological processes that take place in the soil, necessary for good soil fertility, often inhibited, due in part to residual contaminates found in many synthetically derived conventional home garden fertilisers.

When VicMill’s Natural Humate fertilisers are applied to the soil, they help balance and unite the soils biological and chemical properties, thus improving the physical structure of the soil. For these processes to take place, the availability of nutrients for plant uptake via the root zone is directly attributed to the inter-reaction of the many complex soil borne micro-organisms, necessary for not only the distribution and function of these elements and mineral properties in the plant, but as importantly to enhance the sustainability of these living organisms in performing these roles. Put simply humic substances released by soil borne micro-organisms biologically condition the soil.

Many conventional fertilisers bypass the plants normal feeding mechanism of exchanging nutrients for hydrogen ions which the plant is constantly transferring to the soil. Designed and manufactured to dissolve in water, these forms of nutrients are soluble in the soil solution, the plant will thus get an extra boost of nutrients when it takes up water. This solubility in the soil solution also allows nutrients to be lost by leeching into the sub soil before the plant can take them up.

Once VicMill's 'Lawns & Garden' range of fertilisers are applied to the soil, nutrients become suspended in the soil solution.

This suspension allows these nutrients to attach themselves to the colloidal clays and humus in the soil so that the plant takes up neccessary elements and minerals via it’s roots. When nutrients reach the plant they have already been broken down or chelated with organic molecules to aide efficiency in the uptake process.

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