Are these manure based fertilisers?

The fertilisers and Soil Conditioners manufactured By Vicmill Ag Solutions P/L are derived from minerals not manures either naturally mined or extracted for their elemental purity.

What is the analytical make up?

The key and most important ingredient in our production is Carbon this is sourced regionally in Victoria’s rich coal seams; all other inputs are structured around this in varying percentages for its natural soil conditioning and chelating properties.

Are our fertilisers fine or pelletised?

While we do occasionally formulate fine mineral blends for specific clients, the majority of our agricultural range of products is actually sold as a highly dissoluble granule.

What are the key benefits?

A noticeable improvement in soil micro biological activity, moisture and oxygen retention, buffering of harmful synthetically or naturally derived salts, increased seed germination effectiveness and plant root development and availability of elements and minerals to the plant ensuring greater disease resistance.

What is the difference between natural and synthetically derived fertilisers?

Naturally derived fertilisers typically have a lower N.P.K analysis (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) but they feed the plant for a much longer period while stimulating beneficial soil borne microorganisms which in turn improve the structure of the soil, these microbes play a pivotal role in converting these minerals and elements into soluble nutrients that can be absorbed by the plant at a rate it can utilise. Briefly Synthetically derived fertilisers give the plant a quick boost of nutrients and are taken into the plant rapidly providing a flush of vigour and vitality but do little to stimulate soil life, improve soil texture or long term fertility, they are highly water soluble and are prone to leeching.