Company Profile

Vicmill is a technological leader in the development and production of Humate Fertilisers. Following many years of research and trialling, Vicmill haver develoiped a unique process of transforming Victoria's brown coal into a high performance fertiliser. Vicmill manufactures humate fertilisers in the Goulburn Valley. Raw materials are sourced from only the highest quality deposits and carefully prepared to ensure an absolute consistency of composition. Vicmill produces a range of Humate Fertilisers for the agricultuiral and horticultural industries. All Vicmill products are designed to support the natural fertility of the soil, to reduce the damage caused by the overuse of synthetic fertilisers and to ensure the residues from chemical applications do not enter the food chain.

Minerals v Manure

The clear differences firstly are apparent in the process where no manures are sourced in the definition of a mineralized fertilizer; these are naturally mined ingredients which contain an analysis specific to its chemistry. These minerals including Carbon, once applied to the soil are both recognizable and highly digestible bacterially, so when broken down or chelated they can be taken up by the plant once attached to colloidal clays and humus in the soil, in this suspended state the plant accesses nutrients required to perform their primary metabolic functions when conditions desire.

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Agents & Distributors

Vicmill distribute most of their products through a network of Agents and distributors across Victoria and New South Wales.

We have created a list so you can choose from a local supplier. If you have difficulty obtaining any of our products, whether it be for farming, agricultural or home use please call us so we can provide a solution.

Click here for our agents and distributors list.