FISKEL Liquid Organic

FISKEL Liquid Organic

Unique to the allSPORTS liquid range FISKEL is a genuine soluble soil conditioner and plant activator ideally suited to overcoming short term problems in plant and soil health due to cold weather or low biological activity in the soil. Manufactured from fish emulsion, kelp and phenolic complexes.

allSPORTS FISKEL differs from a fertiliser in that its conditioning properties are nutrient rich and act as bio stimulants increasing microbial activity in the soil and allowing plant roots easier access to available nutrients. This interaction with micro-organisms is conducive to stabilising the soil, increasing its permeability to water and other colloidal exchanges. Because of these chemical and microbial bonding interactions, using allSPORTS FISKEL enables plants to grow in a more widely varying soil pH. The stimulation and sustainability of beneficial micro-organisms will ultimately lead to a healthy soil biota, thus indirectly influencing and correcting the optimum desired soil pH range.

The Phenolic complexes generated from the allSPORTS FISKEL chelation process play an important role, and are composed as one or more hydroxyl groups produced by plants most notably against stress.

Phenolic compounds also play an important role in plant metabolism, particularly in lignin and pigment biosynthesis, providing structural integrity and cellular support while bolstering the plants immune system allowing it to repel or kill soil bourn detrimental micro-organisms and plant pathogens that feed on or gain access into the plant via the roots inhibiting the plants ability to absorb water and nutrients from the soil.


Elemental Analysis

N 2.00% Mn 1.02% Zn 1.02% K 0.90%
P 0.60% B 0.35% Fe 0.27% Cu 0.25%
Ca 0.06% S 0.03% Mg 0.02%

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