Due to the phenolic complexities of its makeup allSPORTS HUMAVATOR is a broad spectrum liquid humate fertiliser designed to improve the soils biomass but also bolster the plants immunity to diseases and infection. This fertiliser will provide beneficial and sustainable forms of (N) Nitrogen, an essential component of chlorophyll, the green pigment in plant cells.

Chlorophyll is also a vital catalyst in the production of carbohydrates by using the suns energy in the process called photosynthesis and (K) Potassium which helps build the cellular structure of the plant, aides in the translocation of sugars and starches, encourages the building of proteins and must also be present for the plant to convert photosynthetic energy.

allSPORTS HUMAVATOR whilst decomposing unwanted thatch into a more amenable food source for soil microbes also ensures that nutrients being applied and those present in the soils biomass will be retained for the plant to absorb more efficiently.

allSPORTS HUMAVATOR once applied to the soil is very effective in chelating essential elements and minerals but more importantly in retaining water, which enables the humic acids derived from this liquid fertiliser to suspend these nutrients effectively in close proximity to the plants root zone to be utilised when required.

In Conventional fertiliser programs significant amounts of synthetically derived or polymer coated nutrients are tied up in the soil soon after application particularly phosphates, calcium and minor elements. allSPORTS HUMAVATOR dissolves these unavailable elements and minerals into plant available form for uptake via the plants roots, any additional residual nutrients attached to the soil colloid will eventually be released through the interaction of micro-organisms stimulated by the humic substances derived from this liquid humate fertiliser. Through these chemical and biological reactions allSPORTS HUMAVATOR also promotes the movement of available (Ca) Calcium from the soil medium to the plants roots where it stimulates root development, aides and promotes the plants cellular structure and membrane formation.

In conclusion allSPORTS HUMAVATOR is ideally suited to all turf management related practices ei-ther in the decontamination or neutralisation of natural or synthetically derived salts, breaking down of thatch, dissolving of problematic black layer and associated nutrient availability or improved plant root development, seed germination effectiveness and soil moisture retention. All these benefits are ultimately sourced back to the interaction of humates and the soil bourn micro-organisms generated.

Elemental Analysis

Humate 10.00% K 10.00% N 8.00%

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