Humaphos 6-6-1 (Mg)

Humaphos 6-6-1 (Mg)

This range covers the most diverse group of Humaphos fertilisers accommodating mainstream and sustainable alternative farming practices suitable for cropping, vegetables, fruit, pasture and herbs specifically formulated for Australian (Ph) soil profiles. The diversity in analysis reflects the diversity of the plants own requirement for various nutrients and every soil has its own capacity for providing these nutrients, the two cannot be separated and as importantly the nutrient requirement during the plants growth will vary therefore releasing measured amounts of (N) nitrogen, (P) phosphorus and (K) potassium while addressing deficiencies of unavailable minerals, elements and trace elements locked away in the soil profile allows for more soil changing properties reflected in this range to function efficiently while still releasing correctly measured amounts of nutrient to the plant. Growers now have a range of chemically clean Humate fertilisers that reflect the environmental and economic climate facing modern agriculture assuring produce clean of contaminates without sacrificing yield.

Elemental Analysis

Mn 25.00% Zn 25.00% Ca 16.00% Carbon 10.00%
S 6.90% Humate 6.80% N 6.20% P 6.00%
Mg 3.50% K 1.10% B 0.10%

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