Humaphos 4-4-4

Humaphos 4-4-4

A balanced Humate based granular fertilizer composed of high grade nitrified Brown Coal, Varying forms of Kiln Dust, Magnesium, Calcium, sulphur as Sulphate, Potassium Sulphate, Reactive Phosphate Rock, Zinc Monohydrate, Manganese Sulphate and Boron.

This formulation is specifically suited for use on established fruit trees to produce high quality fruit of even composition and ripening characteristics.

However it can be also used for pasture and cereal where high Hydrogen salts and Sodium reduces available Calcium and Sulphur.

Humaphos 4-4-4 releases measured amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium while addressing deficiencies of unavailable minerals, elements and trace elements locked away in the soil profile.

The unique low analysis of this fertilizer allows for more soil changing properties to function efficiently while still releasing correctly measured amounts of nutrient to the plant.

Elemental Analysis

Ca 16.00% Carbon 10.00% S 7.00% Humate 6.80%
N 4.20% P 4.10% Mg 4.00% K 3.80%
Zn 0.30% Mn 0.30% B 0.10%

Suggested Rates of Application

Broad Acre 80 to 200 Kilograms per Hectare
Fruit Split application - 800 to 1000 Kilograms per Hectare
Pasture 100 to 250 Kilograms per Hectare
Vegetables Pre sow - 1200 Kilograms per Hectare
Side Dress - 500 Kilograms per Hectare

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