Bio Gran Micro Stimulant

Bio Gran Micro Stimulant

Unique to the allSPORTS Micro Tech (2mm) Humate range , allSPORTS Micro Stimulant supports the amending properties of a soil conditioner with the elemental characteristics of a soil activator and has been specifically formulated to chelate and stabilise greens during construction.

As a white sand is gen-erally preferred as a growing medium for sports turf ,its desire might reflect its simple chemical makeup as a silica dioxide which is essentially an inert negatively charged hard mineral ,so when posi-tively charged humic substances come in contact with this quartz an alkaline exchange occurs

allSPORTS Micro Stimulant has been specifically formulated with 35?rbon to promote the dissolv-ing of humic substances which molecularly alter the nutrient absorbing characteristics of the silica diox-ide or medium accentuating the availability of minerals and elements to not only assist plant germina-tion but as importantly encourage the building of a healthy root zone ,aide in the formation and trans-location of sugars and starches and stimulate the manufacture of plant proteins ,hormones and en-zymes.

The conditioning properties of allSPORTS Micro Stimulant reflect a balance of highly dissolvable minerals and elements formulated to improve the friability and structural integrity when incorporated into the soil profile ,so when incorporated into the medium during green construction the detrimental ef-fects of nutrients leaching is significantly reduced due to these minerals being suspended or chelated efficiently. In almost all situations the sand used for the construction of greens is naturally devoid of car-bon and therefore must be added . The significant benefits of using this micro conditioner in the turf industry vary from importance of plant germination to the establishment of plant roots to extract natu-rally existing nutrients while also improving the effi-ciency of applied fertiliser or to enhance the distribu-tion of water and its holding capacity in the soil. The use of dissolving humates is also beneficial during periods of extended plant stress or increased and prolonged oxygen retention which by reducing soil (H) Hydrogen can in turn reduce soil( pH) when Car-bon is available in significant amounts. allSPORTS Micro Stimulant is highly compatible with golf and bowling greens at renovation or areas where turf amendment management is required.

Elemental Analysis

Carbon 35.00% Humate 23.80% Ca 14.50% Mg 3.04%
S 2.69% K 2.52% N 1.54% Zn 0.14%
Mn 0.10% B 0.06% Cu 0.05% Mo 0.01%

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